An online marketplace for all types of recycled plastic

Plaloop decreases the time, effort and costs by finding the most suitable recycled material for your products

  • Easy and quick communication

    You can find and buy recycled plastic material suitable for your business on our platform

  • Partnering local stakeholders

    Through our selection you can find local stakeholder, to reduce both transport costs, time on delvery and emissions associated with hauling recycled plastic

  • Reasonable pricing

    You can decrease material costs by choosing from our catalogue and suppliers

We provide a digital solution for material procurement

Our platform covers the whole process of material procurement, from material selection to final delivery.

✔️ Find the most suitable recycled plastics from our catalogue

✔️ Choose the quantity that suits your business’ need

✔️ All the messy transaction procedures are handled on our platform

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  • Easy and quick selling process

    You can save time when communicating with your customers and don’t miss any chance of business scale-up

  • Help wasted plastic processing

    If you don’t have enough capability for material processing, we help making your wasted plastic be a useful shape for customers

  • Promote your business

    You can advertise your plastic to our customers and make a profit from your wasted plastic efficiently

We provide ideal platform for selling your recycled plastic

Our platform expands your business opportunities and saves time when communicating with your customers, streamlining the process

✔️ Many customers can access your materials

✔️ Your material is advertised to ideal customers

✔️ You can efficiently manage the communication with customers

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