We're Plaloop

We provide marketplace for waste plastics and one-stop consultation solution for ambirious comapanies and creators aming circuler society.

  • Time consuming process

    It's a time-consuming process to find proper partners and information when all plstic upcycling practioners initiate their susitanble action.

  • Limited choice

    We provide various waste plastic material on our market place so that creators can enhance their creativity to generate upcycling solutions.

  • Limited knowledge

    What should you do to initiate circular actions? We help you to start upcycling plastics by connecting our ambitious partners.

  • Marketplace

    Our digital marketplace connects buyers and suppliers aiming to upcycle plastic.

  • Consultation

    Our knowledge and network with plstic waste suppliers, recyclers and creators enable us to give actionable solution for plastic upcycling.

  • Hiroki Tabata

    ✉️ : hita@plaloop.com


  • Hans Kirkeskov

    ✉️ : haki@plaloop.com

  • Daniel Sørensen

    ✉️ : daso@plaloop.com

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Plaloop can make your wasted plastic be new business opportunities.
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